jared laser | laserjn@gmail.com


Patronage (Feb 2014 – present)


I currently build the front and back ends of JavaScript-based (es6) applications. Occasionally I'll work on a WordPress site here and there since I’m a nice guy.

tools/libraries/frameworks I used and enjoyed:

  • React
  • Redux
  • Webpack
  • PostgreSQL
  • ZenHub

nclud (Spring 2012 – December 2013)


I was brought on as a Senior Web Developer & Consultant to work exclusively with an existing JavaScript framework to deliver application functionality and enhancements to Apple. Later, I moved to developing sites and JS applications.

tools/libraries/frameworks I used and enjoyed:

  • Bash
  • Grunt, Yeoman, and related front-end tools
  • JavaScript (jQuery, vanilla)
  • Jekyll
  • Node.js
  • Wordpress

Blue State Digital (Fall 2009 – Spring 2012)


I took comps from .psd and built them in ExpressionEngine. I started with XHTML and when HTML5 was born, I used that and trained my team to follow. I helped rebuild BSD’s default ExpressionEngine framework, led the team’s inital push into responsive design, and encouraged a company-wide shift to using Sass for CSS. I assisted in hiring and standardized our front-end interview process.

tools/libraries/frameworks I used and enjoyed:

  • ExpressionEngine
  • Github
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • jQuery
  • jsPerf
  • Phpfog
  • SCSS / Compass


James Madison University (2005 – 2009): Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media.


github | stackoverflow | codepen

References available upon request